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At Authentic Energy Solutions our philosophy is to harness nature's abundant resources. Authentic Energy solutions we see opportunities where others see challenges and that's where we excel at harnessing the power of nature's abundant resources using sustainable innovative technology to work in harmless synergy with nature.


Authentic Energy Solutions caters for public and private sector solutions we pride ourselves Authenticity Quality and long-lasting solutions

We are firecely committed to fair trading, best practice and fairness in our dealings and strive to demonstrate these principles. 

We are driven to become a leading household brand for accessible renewable energy supply options that provide lasting solutions across the globe by to creating advanced safe and comfortable environs.

We provide an engineered state of the art technological devices for comercial and domestic solutions to a wide range of clients. 

Providing accessible commercial and domestic solutions with passion, dedication and commitment to sustainable viable alternatives to supliment traditional mainstream fossil energy sources is what we strive to do at Authentic Energy Solutions.


Authentic Energy Solutions provides specialized services to a wide customer base...

Energy Solutions

Solar, Hydro, Wind, Eco friendly buildings and consulting on solutions to a wide range of sectors. 

What We Offer
Solar PV panels
Harness the sun's abundance with our quality panels that are guaranteed to perform with a combination of our storage bateries and inverters.
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Wind Power
The gift of wind and being able to bask in it while generating vast amounts of energy is great to see.
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This technology has actually been around for centuries and proven to be a reliable source of generating power for many.
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Consulting on Engineered solutions
As a solutions based company we strive to bring innovative technological solutions to projects we are involved in.
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